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Kim Hallenbeck| 15 Lux Assistant Coach/Board Member

Teams Coached:

4 years with Excel NW: 14 Gold, 16 Gold, 16 Bronze, and 15 Lux


Additional coaching experience includes: 

I have been coaching since 2008 when I was in my student teaching assignment and was able to help and coach the middle school team in Idaho. I have coached a total of 9 years in high school, where I teach, as a JV coach and assistant Varsity coach. I coached for 4 years prior to Excel at a local club coaching 12s.

Position Played: 

Setter and right side

Coaching  philosophy:  

My coaching philosophy is that skills can be developed through hard work. I believe that challenges aren’t setbacks; they’re opportunities to learn and grow. 

As a coach, I value integrity and to be honest with players, coaches and parents. I always want to provide opportunities that will help them grow their volleyball skills as well as their mental game. I never want to compromise in discipline and want to make sure they are doing the hard work on the court and outside the court that are needed to see goals set by the team and individually. Last, I will always be positive in bad and good times to allow them the ability to enjoy the game that we all love.



I enjoy reading and spending time with my husband and 4 daughters. I love the beach and try to be able to go whenever I am able.

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