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Karmen DeVore | 14 Gold Head Coach

Entering 10th season coaching with Excel,  5 years on the Excel board as well as taking care of all of your travel.  


Teams Coached

2022-23 | Excel 14 Gold - Co Coach  

2021-22 | Excel 15 Rox -  Assistant Coach  

2020-21 | Excel 15 Rox -  Assistant Coach


2019-20 | Excel 15 Rox -  Assistant Coach

2018-19 | Excel 14 Rox -  Assistant Coach

2017-18 | Excel 16 Silver -  Head Coach

2016-17 | Excel 16 Silver -  Head Coach

2015-16 | Excel 14 Bronz -  Assistant  

2014-15 | Excel 14 Bronz -  Assistant


4 year as assistant coach @ the Varsity level and Head JV coach at Seton Catholic  

9+ years’ experience coaching volleyball with multiple years coaching experience.

Coaching  philosophy:  Watching players succeed both on and off the Volleyball Court, watching them grow learning to be social, kind and great communicators.   I believe in these young ladies, I believe they can do what they put their minds to and I believe it is my job to help guide them to have confidence in themselves as well as their team-mates while learning to work together with others.  It is essential to work hard for what you want  and knowing everything is never just handed to you in life.   

  *Play hard,  always give 110%, and always stay coachable.  Remember everyone can always learn something new every day.  Stay positive and away from the “clicks” in life.  These 3 things will take you a long way on the court and in life itself.  

I think communication and socializing off the court as well as on the court is key for these young ladies.  I pride myself on being open to discussions, being that “safe space” for each young lady that has crossed my path.  The best feeling out there to have these young ladies grow into great players and great humans.  Seeing many young ladies I have coached over the years move on to play at the collegiate level is just a big bonus in my eyes.    

Hobbies:  I love spending time with family, spending time at the beach, playing softball with great friends, camping and of course baking cakes and cupcakes for a special occasion.

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