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Frani Morris | 13 Lux Head Coach(2022-2023 Season)


Entering 11th Club Season Coaching for Excel

11 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball

2020 Graduate from WSU Vancouver

Positions played: Setter and D/S

Coaching Highlights:

12 Gold - Division II Champions for the 2014-2015 Club Season

         13 Rox - 2nd place in Division II for 2021 Regionals

Favorite thing about volleyball?

         Coaching in general.  Love all the players I’ve coached and can’t wait to see them grow in the sport.

Hobbies include: Rec Volleyball, Biking, Hiking, Camping, Pickleball

Excel Coaching Experience:


          Excel is an amazing club to coach for as well as play.  Success starts with positive coaching and positive attitudes.  I’ve been coaching for 11 years at Excel and have learned a lot.  I love coaching all age groups and enjoy especially how all the players love the sport and are hungry to learn how to play.​

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