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Denise Riggins | 12 Lux Head Coach


Entering 11th season coaching club at Excel NW

15+ years’ experience coaching volleyball, 

8+ years coaching basketball, track& field

Alumni of: Oregon State University


Positions played Setter / Outside Hitter

Coaching Highlights:  All the teams that I have coached have been successful.  As the 12 Rox head coach my teams have always finished in the top ten in the region, and have earned 3 GJNC bids, and took teams in 2015 and 2018 to Nationals. 


Philosophy:  I was blessed to have excellent coaches when I played sports. Coaches that were always learning and sharing their knowledge.  This same attitude was passed to me in my own coaching style. I want the players I coach to learn volleyball.  I am about teaching the fundamentals.  It’s important that your child improves in all aspects of the game of volleyball both physical and mental. I am a highly competitive person but I do not define myself by wins and losses. I want their experience with volleyball to be impactful, beneficial, and fun.  A lot can be learned by defeat as much as success.  I believe that playing sports you learn life lessons that go beyond the volleyball court.  


Playing highlights: “It’s not about me, it’s about the kids I coach” 

Hobbies:  DIY projects, fishing, camping, anything outdoors. Spending time with family


Favorite Quote:  “She pushes me at the last hour of a hard practice and at match point of championship competition. She yells at me when I’m losing willing me to try harder and be victorious.  She is not a friend, a teammate, or a coach she is my PRIDE!”    By Anonymous

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