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“Return to Play” COVID Safety Procedures for Athletes

There are COVID rules in place for using the gym. Please read all the details carefully as these details will help to keep everyone healthy and safe.

- MASKS ARE REQUIRED UPON ENTRY/EXIT TO/FROM THE GYM, while taking gear on & off, setting up and taking down nets, and while using the restrooms. Players do not have to wear a mask during training unless they want to. Coaches must wear masks at all times unless training with players.

-There are a limited number of players and coaches allowed in the gym at a time. Every location has different rules and restrictions for how many households are allowed per side of the net. We are currently limiting all capacity so trainings can range from 4 to 12 players max per court, again depending on location site.  All players will maintain 6 feet apart distance during non-training activities. Each group will be on 1 side of court separated by the net as a buffer zone.

-The players will have to wait outside the gym doors 6 feet apart with their masks on or in their vehicle until coaches let them in at the scheduled time.

-Coaches will use a forehead, non-contact thermometer to do temperature checks before entering the gym.

-No parents or spectators will be allowed inside the gym.

-Players and coaches will have frequent water breaks, which will also act as a time that players must use their own hand sanitizer before handling and drinking water and returning to play after the break.

-Players and coaches will sanitize balls and equipment after every training time session. Coaches will provide cleaning supplies for this.

Items to Bring with you:

Hand sanitizer!

Printed facility waiver! This is required if your training is at the YMCA, one-time form. YMCA Waiver >

Check to make sure your Online Waiver Form is complete (One-time for the 2020 year) 

2 Masks

Large bottle of water (preferably two), as there is no use of the water fountains.

Knee pads

Volleyball shoes

Sweat towel

*COVID Compliance: I, the parent or legal guardian of the indicated minor(s), agree that my child will not be allowed on the premises if he/she: (1) Has been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. (2) If the participant, or anyone in their household, is experiencing symptoms such as but not limited to: fever, cough, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, and cold & flu symptoms. I agree to notify coaches of Excel of any COVID19 related symptoms with my child or anyone in the household within 72 hours before or after a training session with Excel Coaches and other participants.



By Parent or Legal Guardian: By my electronic signature (agreeing to COVID Compliance Terms), I give my child permission to participate in volleyball trainings with Excel NW VBC. I certify that I am the legal parent and/or guardian of my child and have the authority to agree to and electronically sign this waiver, release and consent on behalf of myself and my child. My child and I, waive, hold harmless, and release Excel NW VBC and staff from any and all demands, claims, actions, lawsuits, agent lessees of premises used, other participants and any persons in a playing area (collectively the “Released Parties”), liability and damages of any kind whatsoever arising out of, or relating to his/her participation in the volleyball trainings. I authorize emergency medical care as deemed necessary by Excel NW VBC staff. I have read the terms which Excel NW VBC has provided to participate in the volleyball training sessions, open gyms, clinics, tryouts, practices, and will monitor my child's health prior to every training per the COVID compliance above.

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