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Annabelle (Belle) Murphy | 


Entering first club season coaching 


Coached BGHS freshman Summer league + assistant coach for school season 2022 


Alumni of BGHS 2021. 2 years varsity player at BGHS 


Currently a NW Culinary Institute student 


Positions played: Setter, opposite and DS. 


Favorite thing about Volleyball? The fact you will watch yourself plus others around you grow and get better every single day both physically and mentally. 


Hobbies: Rec Volleyball, cooking, baking, weight lifting/ working out. 


I played for Excel both my junior and senior year of High School, the learning  enriched the competitiveness and my love for volleyball. I’m looking forward to my first club season as a coach for Excel not only for myself but for others that I will be with. I’m excited to teach and learn more as the season progresses. 

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