*Warm-ups will begin approximately 45-55 minutes after the start of check-in times. Please allow yourself reasonable time to check-in, register if you haven’t already, and have your gear on and ready to go after you check-in. If you are late to tryouts, coaches won’t have as much time to watch you while considering players for their team.

**Please do NOT come earlier than when your check-in time starts.

If you are new to Club Volleyball, or maybe just new to Excel NW Volleyball, you probably have questions; What to expect at tryouts, What age group am I in, What are the evaluators looking for? We hope to answer these frequently asked questions here. Of course if we miss something, just fill out the contact form with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest,

Step 1 – Find the age group your athlete will tryout with.

USAV Age Group Definitions 

Step 2 – Register online with USA Volleyball (USAV)
All club volleyball players must register with USAV through the local Regional Governing Body. In the NW this is Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (CEVA). Annual membership is $60.00, but you can get a single day or tryout only membership for $10.00. When registering select Excel NW as your club. If you are trying out for multiple clubs leave it as undecided, you can change this later.

**You will need to bring the following printed hard copies with you.**

1.  Registration confirmation, (membership card or email confirmation page)

2.  Filled out & signed Medical Release Form

3.  Filled out & signed concussion Form

USAV Registration

Step 3 – Register online with Excel

Find the tryout that matches your athlete’s age group. There is a tryout registration fee to pay for location and evaluators; fee also includes an Excel tee shirt. Excel uses an online registration company for all registrations; follow the instructions after selecting the registration button.


Step 4 – Arrive at least 30 minutes early

This allows you to get acquainted with the gym, warm-up and finish any paperwork. You can also ask questions of the Coaches and Evaluators.


Step 5 – Relax as much as possible, try as hard as you can and be positive.

 Now, let’s look at what happens at a tryout.

Today is the day!


What do I wear?

Traditionally for tryouts an athlete will wear shorts/spandex and comfortable athletic shoes. Some shoes are designed specifically for volleyball, but these are not mandatory for tryouts. An Excel Tee Shirt will be provided the day of tryouts along with a pin on number for identification purposes. *Knee pads should be worn, as players are often on the wood floor digging balls.


What to Expect During Tryouts

12U tryouts are generally three to four hours, 14U tryouts are four to five hours, 16U and 18U are about the same as 14U, but all could run short or long depending on the amount of players in attendance. Tryouts for age groups are run by coaches/evaluators from different age groups, 18U and 16U coaches will run tryouts while 12U and 14U coaches evaluate the athletes. Tryouts begin with stretching and a warm-up routine, followed by skills training, serving, and passing, hitting and setting. Players will slowly be put into groups by skill level, practicing specific skills requested by coaches evaluating the athletes. As tryouts progress coaches will select the players they would like for their respective teams.


Does Everyone Make a Team?

No. Cuts are typically made for two reasons; quality coaches and gym space. We have three teams per age group, we have limited spots available, generally 30-36 spots per age group. Team assignments are based solely by evaluating players' skills, attitudes, and willingness to work hard, communication, general athletic ability, willingness to learn, and primary position. Keep in mind that we must form teams based not only on talent, but also considering team position needs.

If I'm trying out for multiple clubs, do I have to tell you which ones?

As a courtesy, players should let all clubs know about multiple club tryouts, players are not penalized for considering other clubs. Please note that once you commit to Excel NW or any other club, you are not permitted to attend tryouts for another club.

When will I know what team I made?

Excel NW asks for your team commitment at the end of tryouts. You will be asked to fill out the appropriate paperwork and make the initial payment, or entire payment that day.

How much does it cost to play for Excel? 

Each team has a cost associated with it as some travel more than others, or plays more often. Pricing with explanations can be found at the following link. Excel NW has several options each year for athlete fundraising, once the decisions are made for that particular season, they will be posted on the fundraising page of our website.

​Good Luck and Play Hard!

15U, 16U, 17U, 18U 

NOVEMBER 11, 2018

​@ Union High School 


Check-in: TBA

Tryouts: TBA


Check-in: TBA

Tryouts: TBA

$30 CASH ONLY Tryout Fee



​​​​12U, 13U, 14U

NOVEMBER 4, 2018

@ Union High School


Check-in: TBA

Tryouts: TBA


Check-in: TBA

Tryouts: TBA

$30 CASH ONLY Tryout Fee