Are parents required to travel with their child?

No, but there does need to be a parent chaperone. You can find an alternative chaperone with another player's parent on any team with Excel that is traveling to the same tournament. Coaches do not chaperone the players during the trip. 

How do I reserve the right stay and play hotels?

The Travel Coordinator reserves blocks of rooms for first-come, first-serve on reservations. We can only get what they give us, so act fast after tryouts if your child has made a traveling team by asking your coach what the travel information is. Please be considerate of other players by only reserving 1 room with our hotel block. If you have more family coming, then please make other hotel arrangements where the stay and play hotels are not booked up. Players MUST stay at the stay and play hotels that the Tournament Host set for us. If not enough players from the team are staying at the hotel they assign, then we can get disqualified from the tournament. 

How many practices are there a week?

2 nights at 2 hours per week at a minimum. Positional trainings are optional extra reps we offer, and strongly encourage that all Rox players go to at least 1 a month. Sometimes travel tournaments back to back or holidays result in only 1 practice a week, but most of the time coaches are able to get in a make-up practice with another team or gym location.

When and where do Excel teams practice?

Monday-Thursday evenings in the Vancouver and Evergreen School Districts. Sometimes extra make-up practices may be held at various locations for limited use. 

Times depend on age groups and what we are given by the districts. Usually the 14 and under age groups are given the earlier times from 6-8pm and the 16 and over age groups vary from 6-10pm. 


Why do I have to pay a deposit right away?

Excel has to pay for gym time, tournament fees, coach's stipends, coach's travel, equipment, uniforms, etc. ahead of time so we must gain enough necessary funds to do this early on. 


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