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Lisa VanSickle | 18 Rox Head Coach

  • Entering 10th season coaching club at Excel
  • 16 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Alumni of: Hawaii Pacific University
  • Positions played: Middle Blocker
  • Coaching Highlights:
  • Coached the following Excel Teams
    • 12's won California Soiree Volleyball Tournament, Open Division
    • 14's won Arizona Festival Volleyball Tournament, Open Division, won OSU volleyball tournament 14 open
    • 15's won National Bid for Junior Nationals
    • 16's won Oregon MLK, Played in the 18's divsion for CEVA all season, won 2 Open Bids for Junior Nationals, Placed 5th at the Las Vegas Tournament in the 17's division, won Emerald City 16 Open, won San Jose Open Division
    • 17's stayed in the Platinum division all CEVA season
    • 18's won 2 Open Bids for Junior Nationals, won PNQs Open Division, top team in the North West
  • I enjoy spending time with family, Coached youth Basketball, was All State Basketball player
  • I run a sand volleyball club during the summer called Aloha Ball Club NW
    • Was top sand volleyball player in Hawaii
    • Played professional indoor volleyball in Argentina
    • Played profession indoor volleyball for Hawaii Waves
  • Coached daughter Brooke Van Sickle in club ball from age 8 to age 18. She currently plays collegiate volleyball for the Oregon Ducks.

​Gary VanSickle | 18 Rox Assistant Coach​

  • Entering 10th season coaching club at Excel
  • 16 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Alumni of: University of Hawaii (ranked #1 in the nation when Gary played)
  • Positions played: Outside Hitter
  • Coaching Highlights: Many of the same under wife's bio; Lisa VanSickle :) 

Jessica Scott | 18 Gold Head Coach​

  • Entering 9th season coaching at Excel
  • 14 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Alumni of: Western Oregon University/ Seattle Pacific University
  • Coaching Highlights: While coaching at Milwaukie High School we won our first league game in ten years, a very unforgettable moment!
  • Hobbies & other sports include: I am a Psychology Instructor at MHCC. When not on the court or in the classroom my family and I enjoy camping, boating, and fishing.
  • As a coach it is my goal to not only teach the fundamentals of volleyball, but the importance of teamwork both on and off the court. Coaching allows me to not only fulfill a purpose, but inspire the same passion for volleyball that my coaches instilled in me.  

Shyanne Chandler | 18 Gold Assistant Coach​

Kila Adams | 17 Rox Head Coach​

  • Entering 4th season coaching club at Excel
  • 8 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball; University of Great Falls (Assistant Varsity & Head JV 2013-2015), Head Coach 14 Rox (2013), Head Coach 18 Gold (2016), Assistant Coach 14 Rox (2017).
  • Alumni of: Union High School and University of Great Falls
  • Positions played: Setter/Right Side Hitter/Outside Hitter/Libero
  • Coaching Highlights: Watching players continue to grow and develop from just beginning to college ball. 
    • ​All Excel teams have stayed in Gold Division throughout the season. 
    • Many connections with University and Community College coaches has made recruiting players to continue their volleyball career simpler. All players have continued on to play on scholarship who wanted to play in college. 
    • 2015 Assistant Coach of the Year Frontier Conference at University of Great Falls.
  • Hobbies & other sports include: horseback riding, camping, softball, fitness training, hiking, outdoor volleyball.
  • Assistant Coach at The University of Great Falls for 3 seasons and Head Coach of their JV Program.
  • I have a son, Kaiden aka The Famous Biscuit who is now 1 and the volleyball ladies man.

Kayla Swanson | 17 Rox Assistant Coach

  • Entering 1st season coaching club at Excel
  • 6 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball; She has head coached 14’s and assistant coached 18s, as well as volunteered for coaching camps and clinics throughout her volleyball career.
  • Alumni of: Skyview High School and Boise State University
  • Positions played: Libero
  • Highlights: 2008 played libero at Skyview to help them earn a 3rd place finish. Played 2 seasons with Excel's Top 18s and went on to play one season of club volleyball at Boise State.
  • Kayla enjoys helping young athletes become better leaders on and off the court. With the believe that sports teach individuals how to win at life, she focuses on teaching the fundamentals of success—discipline, hard work and belief—raising the volleyball IQ of every athlete and team she is a part of. 

Phillip Barlas | 17 Rox Assistant Coach

  • Entering 1st season coaching club at Excel
  • 4 years experience coaching youth volleyball
  • Alumni of: Camas High School & University of Washington
  • Won 10 different College Club Team Volleyball Championships throughout my 4 years at the University of Washington (men’s doubles, coed doubles, men’s 6’s, and coed 6’s)
  • Hobbies/other Sports: Wrestled and played baseball up until college, working out, fishing, shooting, quading, binge watching tv shows.
  • Special Talents: Eaten 3 loaded chipotle burritos in one sitting
  • May know me as one of the Getta Gyro Guys.

Jessie Uribe | 16 Rox Head Coach​

  • Entering 10th season coaching club at Excel
  • 25+ Seasons Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Coached previously at Clark College, Bridgetown, Gonzaga Prep High School
  • ​Alumni of: Washington State University, GO COUGS!
  • Positions played: Setter/OH/DS
  • Coaching Highlights: Multiple Top 10 finishes in club at various age groups

​Diana Baiar | 16 Rox Assistant Coach​

  • Entering 5th season coaching club at Excel
  • 10 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Coaches also with Aloha Ball Club Beach Volleyball
  • Alumni of: Warner Pacific College
  • Positions played: Outside Hitter/Middle Hitter
  • Coaching Highlights: Last year at Emerald City… the last day when we won our division. Sweet ending!
  • Hobbies & other sports include: I love teaching my kindergarteners!  Love to read.  I was a thrower in college: discus and javelin.  Have coached it for 3 years.
  • Helping the youth develop skills that they can take beyond the volleyball court is the best part!  Watching growth in skills and friendships among the girls is worth the time invested. 

Sabrina Dobbs | 16 Head Coach

  • Entering 10th season coaching club at Excel
  • 13 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Head coach for Ridgefield high school for 8 years. Go Spuds!!
  • Alumni of: Glencoe High School
  • Coaching Highlights: 
    • Coach of the year for 3 years
    • All state tourney coach 2015
    • Placed 3rd, 6th, 7th in state in my 8 years coaching at RHS
    • League champs for 2A GSHL 5 years in a row
    • 2nd place at emerald city classic tourney
  • Hobbies & other sports include: I like to fight crime for fun. I put on my cape during the night while you all sleep. I also love spending time with friends, family, and my furbabies.

Jim Sparks | 12 Gold Coach

  • Entering 5th season coaching club at Excel
  • 6 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Alumni of: US Marine Corps
  • Coaching Highlights: Asst. Coach for 12 Rox went to National Championship in New Orleans
  • Hobbies & other sports include: WIAA Volleyball Referee for two years. 
  • My coaching goal is to make young athletes better in all aspects of sports. Building good teammates, through success on and off the court. Creating opportunities for growth by removing negative influences and self-limitations. 

Marcy GilChrist | 15 Rox Head Coach​

  • Entering 1st season coaching club at Excel
  • 25+ Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Alumni of: RA Long High School & Lower Columbia College & Central Washington University (LCC won NWAC tournament and Marcy was named MVP of the tournament. Team was inducted into the NWAC Hall of Fame!)
  • Positions played: Setter/DS
  • Coaching Highlights: NWAC West Division Coach of the Year in 3rd season, Nominated for AVCA Two-Year College ,West Region Coach of the Year in 2010
  • My coaching philosophy is simple:  If you are all in and coachable you will succeed; no politics, no favorites, no excuses.
  • I believe in asking athletes questions about what they are learning so they can start thinking for themselves on the court, and in turn develop a deeper understanding of volleyball. 
  • I am upfront with my athletes about expectations and roles, which helps the team grow competitively.
  • My experience playing and coaching competitively has given me extensive knowledge of the game.  I have coached players at all levels from 12u athletes to DI athletes.  My passion for volleyball is contagious and I expect my athletes to be relentless in all they do. 

​Kelly Adams | 14 Rox Head Coach​

  • Entering 10th season coaching club at Excel
  • Teams Coached: 18 Rox 2007-2013, 14 Rox 2015 & 2017, 12 Rox 2016 & Currently Seton High School Varsity Head Coach
  • 16 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Alumni of: Western Oregon University - NAIA All American MB, placed 8th in Nationals
  • Positions played: Middle Blocker, Outside Hitter, Setter
  • Coaching Highlights: 
    • Seton Catholic High School, Coach of the Year 2010 & 11, 2 state appearance, 3rd place 2011
    • 18's played in Gold division every season until Platinum league formed, then in Plat every year.  All players earned college scholarships that wanted to play in college.
    • 12's, 2016 Championships: CEVA regionals, undefeated CEVA season, Presidents Day, Seattle playing in 14's division, Emerald City, Placed 5th in JR Nationals.
  • Hobbies & other sports include: Horseback riding, hiking, softball.

​Keisha Gurnsey | 13 Rox Head Coach​

  • Entering 5th season coaching club at Excel
  • 6 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Alumni of: Lewis & Clark State College
  • Positions played: Middle Blocker
  • Coaching Highlights: Coaching alongside people I used to play for.
  • Hobbies & other sports include: I love teaching my kindergarteners!  Love to read.  I was a thrower in college: Hanging with my husband, and dog.  I enjoy DIY crafts and love the outdoors.​​

Karmen DeVore | Coach​

  • Entering 5th season coaching with Excel -2 at 14’s level and 2 at 16’s level 
  • 3rd year as assistant Varsity and Head JV coach at Seton Catholic  
  • 5 years’ experience coaching volleyball/Multiple years coaching experience 
  • Coaching Highlights:  Watching players grow as young ladies on and off the volleyball court and having the opportunity to coach with my daughter, after watching her play for years this is the best feeling.  
  • Philosophy:  Play hard always give 110%, always stay coachable everyone can always learn something new, Stay positive and away from the clicks this will take a long way on the court and in life itself.  
  • Hobbies:  I love spending time with family, spending time at the beach, playing softball with great friends, camping and of course baking cakes and cupcakes for a special occasion.   

Issac Doyle | 14 Silver Head Coach​

  • Entering 7th season coaching club at Excel
  • 12 Years’ Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Alumni of: US Navy
  • Coaching Highlights:  Coached multiple levels throughout my coaching tenure, while coaching at Alpine VBC 16’s was honored to take our team to nationals in Orlando, FL. 
  • Hobbies & other sports include: WIAA Volleyball Referee for last 5 years. 

Hillary DeVore | 14 Silver Assistant Coach

Brynn Letang | 14 Rox Assistant Coach​

  • Entering 1st season coaching club at Excel
  • Played club at Excel for 3 years prior to playing at the University of Great Falls
  • Assistant volleyball coach at Seton Catholic (2017 season)
  • Alumni of: Seton Catholic High School (2013) & University of Great Falls (2017)
  • Positions played: Setter/DS
  • ​​Hobbies & other sports include: Hiking & hanging out with friends and family.

Denise Carter-Riggins | 12 Rox Head Coach​​

Chon Clayton​ | 14 Gold Head Coach

  • This is my 18th year of coaching women’s volleyball, and have coached ages from grade school up to high school, having been both a JV and Varsity coach during this timeframe at various high schools.
  • During the off season, I coach for Excel NW Volleyball club and Beach Volleyball for Aloha Ball Club NW in the summer.
  • I am involved with working volleyball camps for USA Volleyball in the Puget Sound Region, and recently at the national level with Future Select.  I have also worked previous camps at the UW and OSU.
  • My philosophy is to train players to learn life skills on and off the court, learn to problem solve, and to love the game.

Franni Morris | Coach

  • Entering 6th Club Season Coached at Excel
  • 6 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball
  • Junior at WSU Vancouver
  • Positions played: Setter and D/S
  • Coaching Highlights: Division II Champions for the 2014-2015 Club Season.
  • Coaching in general.  Love all the players I’ve coached and can’t wait to see them grow in the sport.
  • Hobbies include: Rec Volleyball, Biking, Hiking, Camping
  • Excel is an amazing club to coach for as well as play.  Success starts with positive coaching and positive attitudes.  I’ve been coaching for 6 years at Excel and have learned a lot.  I love coaching the 12&Under age group and enjoy especially how all the players love the sport and are hungry to learn how to play.

Lori Piland | 13 Gold Head Coach

  • Entering 2nd season coaching at Excel NW
  • Lori Piland currently is the head Coach at Union High School where she has been the past three years. Prior to that, she was the head coach at Evergreen High School for 8 years. She has coached at the collegiate level at Harding University as an assistant. This will be her 2nd year coaching for excel. 

Alesya Shawgo | 12 Gold Assistant Coach

  • I am excited to enter my 1st season coaching at Excel NW
  • 7 years’ experience coaching volleyball in Odessa, Ukraine (8-14 years old)
  • 6 years’ experience coaching in Vancouver, WA at Thomas Jefferson Middle School (8th Grade), Slavic Academy, NW Volleyball Academy(1 year)
  • Played on Volleyball Academy Club in Odessa, Ukraine, University of Odessa & Semi – Professional for 2 years
  • Volleyball Achievement Highlights: Championship of Odessa – 1987, 1989; 2nd place at Ukrainian Championship, 1988, 4th -  1999 A
  • Position played: Setter.
  • Education: Physical Education Degree
  • P.E. teacher, volleyball coach, referee, sports instructor
  • I am looking forward to share my international volleyball experience with Excel, where I can help develop strong team spirit and support the growth of the program.  I enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends, reading books and, of course- play volleyball. 

​Korrie Stephenson | 13 Rox Assistant Coach

  • ​Entering 1st season coaching at Excel NW
  • This is my first year coaching at the high school level and now at the club level.
  • Currently the JV Coach at Ridgefield High School
  • Played volleyball for Ridgefield High School, club for Clark County Athletics from 8th grade- 10th grade, played for Excel 11th-12th grade. Played at Spokane Falls Community College for my first two years, transferred to Montana State University Northern to play afterwards.
  • I believe an important part of being a coach is being able to be a good role model and someone that they could rely on as a coach on and off the court. My hope is to make these athletes love the sport more than they already do and help them grow as athletes on and off the court.

Kait Sitton | 14 Gold Assistant Coach

  • Entering 1st season coaching at Excel NW
  • First year coaching
  • Grew up playing club volleyball at Excel, beach volleyball with Aloha Volleyball, attended Prairie High School (2 year varsity letter winner, 2 years 1st team all league, won State Championship senior year), received full athletic scholarship to D1 Saint Peter’s University in NJ (starting setter 2 years, 1 year medical red shirt)
  • Really excited to be back in Vancouver and to have the opportunity to give back to the club that played such a major role in my life, and to help these young girls continue to be well rounded volleyball players and individuals. Looking forward to a fun, competitive season! 

Sammy Nguyen | 13 Gold Assistant Coach

  • Entering first season coaching at Excel
  • Alumni of Union High School
  • Played at Excel for 5 years
  • Positions played: DS
  • Hobbies: Hanging out with my cat, spending time at the beach, road trips, camping

​Kylie Reinholdt | 15 Rox Assistant Coach

  • Entering 1st season coaching club at Excel
  • Alumni of St. Helens High School (4 year Varsity Letter) 
  • After my freshman year at WOU running track, I found myself playing Volleyball again at Lower Columbia College for 2 years. We Finished my last season as NWAC Champions. 
  • I was a Setter/ RS but also a Utility player. 
  • Fun Fact: I was a gymnast for 9 years and before joining this season to coach at Excel, I was a Head coach at Vault Elite Cheer coaching competitive cheerleaders. 
  • I am very excited to be coaching my first year at Excel with great coaches and to be able to follow my passion of Volleyball.