Excel NW is the premier volleyball club in SW Washington. We strive to provide the best training for volleyball players in the Columbia Empire Region. This includes nationally recognized teams as well as highly ranked regional teams. Excel NW places an emphasis on a safe environment for our players to improve their individual volleyball skills as well as learn valuable life skills.  We value our players becoming community leaders, facing and overcoming challenges, working with teammates, competing at a high level with sportsmanship, always being a team player, while building their confidence and self-esteem. We are a competitive club, always pushing the players to be better on and off the court. Excel stresses that success is only achieved through hard work and perseverance, with no short cuts.

Excel NW Volleyball’s purpose is to provide individual and team instruction, teaching life skills to athletes including, teamwork, communication, goal setting, commitment to work to achieve goals, and personal health. Each of these benefits the individuals, their families, their future, and their community. The club is run by a board of volunteers made up of coaches, parents and community members who have a passion for supporting our youth.  Each Director, Board Member and Coach makes a major commitment in the administration of the Club in order to meet our club goals. In return, a personal commitment from athletes and their parents/guardians is also expected.


1. To provide an atmosphere that promotes a fun, enjoyable experience.

2. To provide quality coaching and maximize each athlete’s potential.

3. To be competitive at the highest level and promote the concept of playing to win.

4. To help build the leaders of the future.